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Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patch
Research has shown that oral pills or tablets are almost completely destroyed during digestion resulting in less than 1% bioavailability
Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patches contain 100X the bioavailability compared to a pill or tablet
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Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patches are the only product to provide maximal levels of Resveratrol

Resveratrol Rx Patch

Now Available After a decade of research in fighting Alzheimer's disease and dementia!


The all natural Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patches has 100x the bioavailability compared to oral pills and tablets. Research has shown that oral pills or tablets are almost completely destroyed during digestion resulting in less than 1% bioavailability. Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patches delivers the previously only hoped benefits at the critical brain sites.

Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patches overcome a significant problem caused by intestinal/digestive breakdown, which until now has resulted in limited or non-availability of resveratrol at the potential neural sites of action, causing a lack of the expected chemoprotective effects.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder leading to the most common form of dementia in elderly people. Histopathological studies of the AD brain revealed dramatic ultra-structural changes triggered by two classical lesions, the senile plaques, mainly composed of amyloid-? (A?) peptides, and the neurofibrillary tangles, composed of hyperphosphorylated tau proteins.

Resveratrol is a NATURAL phytoalexin polyphenolic compound occurring in grapes and wine. The levels of resveratrol found in wine varies greatly, but is generally more abundant in red grapes and red wine. Numerous studies performed have provided information on the absorption, metabolism and consequent bioavailability of this polyphenol The oral bioavailability of resveratrol is very low to almost non-existant. Studies have shown that oral bioavailability is low (<1%) due to rapid and extensive metabolism in the intestine and liver.

Recent data provide interesting insights into the effect of resveratrol on longevity and its potential protective role in age-related human diseases, including AD. Kim and colleagues recently reported that intracerebroventricular injection of resveratrol reduced neurodegeneration in the hippocampus area of the brain.

The Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patch Versus an Oral Pill or Tablet

The patch delivers resveratrol at a constant rate into your systemic circulation via the stratum corneum. Through a diffusion process, the drug enters the bloodstream directly through the skin. The micropore membrane is such that the rate of resveratrol delivery to the skin surface is less than the slowest rate of absorption from skin. Since there is a high concentration on the patch and a low concentration in the blood, resveratrol will keep diffusing into the blood for a long period of time, maintaining the constant concentration in the blood flow to the brain.

Normal metabolism, in the intestine and liver, of oral doses of resveratrol results in a bioavailability of considerably less than 1% of the oral dose. Colonic bacterial metabolism is also an extremely important factor in the further degradation of resveratrol. High oral doses do not alter this significantly.

Trans-dermal absorption bypasses DIGESTIVE TRACT l degradation and further eliminates the problem of intestinal mucosal irritation, that could be caused by massive oral doses, which in any event are not effective..

Benefits of the Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patch

Resveratrol, given to Alzheimer's patients, appears to restore the integrity of the blood-brain barrier, reducing the ability of harmful immune molecules secreted by immune cells to infiltrate from the body into brain tissues, say researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center. The reduction in neuronal inflammation slowed the cognitive decline of patients.

These new findings are exciting because they increase our understanding of how resveratrol, if available at the sites, may be clinically beneficial to individuals with Alzheimer's disease. In particular, they point to the important role of inflammation in the disease, and the potent anti-inflammatory effects of resveratrol," says Dr. Turner, director of GUMC's Memory Disorders Program and co-director of the Translational Neurotherapeutics Program.

They also found that resveratrol increased the level of molecules linked to a long-term beneficial or "adaptive" immune reaction, suggesting involvement of inflammatory cells that are resident in the brain, "This is the kind of immune response you want - it is there to remove and degrade neurotoxic proteins."

Instructions for the Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patch

RESVERATROL an all natural product has no known contraindications . It can be used alone or with any other medical and counselling treatment.


Each patch contains activated and solubilized resveratrol with the effectiveness of a 2000mg oral dose.

During the moderate stage of Alzheimer's disease, people grow more confused and forgetful and begin to need more help with daily activities and self-care. The rate of progression for Alzheimer's disease varies widely. On average, people with Alzheimer's disease live eight to 10 years after diagnosis, but some survive 20 years or more.

There is no cure for Alzheimer's and the best time to initiate any type of treatment such as resveritrol rx transdermal patches, is as early as possible, including well before any symptoms are evident and while you are in good health.

The patch is not something you try, its benefits become evident very slowly over a long period of time you may very well wearing the patch over what we hope will a long and healthy life. Unfortunately we can never say you are cured, stop using it.

Instructions for using the Resveratrol Rx Transdermal Patch

Choose a clean, dry, hairless area on the upper body to apply the patch. The patch should be removed from the backing carefully peeling it in a diagonal direction. The patch is worn for 24 hours a day and changed daily.

Supply and Pricing

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